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This is a selection of articles concerning the various phases of the making of frame.


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Joining the frame for hobby
The joining of the frame is the most delicate part of framing. This article indicates in detail the different ways to join the frame and is directed mainly at beginner framers.


There are various types of glass. Let us see the most common ones used in the framing.


Double Glass Framing
It is a rather simple technique that is necessary if you want to view the back of pictures or if you want to emphasize the isolation of the picture from the frame.


The backing board
It appears to be a poor part of the whole framing package and has never really been given too much importance but, over long periods of time, it can play a rather fundamental role towards the final framing result.


The purpose of this article is to give some basics of gilding. The article is deliberately schematic to facilitate comprehension.


When a picture is enormous
Large pictures often present various problems. For example, how to strengthen the corners, how to hang them, what kind of glass to use or how to deliver them, which price to ask, etc.


Cleaning paintings
It is usually not that difficult. By following a few simples rules you should be able to overcome most problems and achieve good results.


A hair behind the glass
A nuisance that a framer from time to time have to face. The articles shows a series of remedies and lists some prevention techniques to avoid it.


Mementoes and medals
Often a client wants a medal framed together with a diploma or a memento. Let us see the problems that require particular attention.


The puzzle collapsed
Sooner or later it is going to happen to everybody. Most framers have their own tragic story to tell about it. Let’s try to turn an accident into enjoyment.